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Business Investigative Services (article)

Whether it’s technical people at a trade show booth or landscapers working in a housing development, a lot of time, money and trust go into having the right people out there representing your company. I will observe and report back about regional and remote people to give you valuable insight into your business operations. I will also help you train your team if needed.

Maybe you simply don’t have the woman or man power to staff a trade show booth. Maybe you wish to put someone energetic and engaging at your booth or other social event. Having the right person with the right personality out there interacting with people will make or break the success of most any endeavor. Team me up with any of your subject matter experts to help capitalize on good money spent to attend and prospect these events.

Not everyone has natural born sales skills. Not everyone that needs to hire sales people knows how to effectively train them or how to lead and manage them. Working with your team members one on one, I will sharpen their sales focus and their sales skills from the ground up starting with an organized and effective prospecting process.

I can talk for hours about many topics. I am experienced in public and professional speaking. Call me if you are looking for content and easy interviews with a natural-born talker for your particular forum or channel.

Contact me by email to arrange a 30 minute chat anytime. Check me out also on YouTube.

Just Jessica
York, PA