Life Coaching and Support

I have found that I am able to provide life coaching and support to a variety of diverse individuals in diverse personal and professional situations. People have overwhelmingly found my straightforward, caring and open-minded approach to life meaningful, supportive and I dare say helpful. 

I am not a therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist. I am educated as a nurse.  I am a life coach and spiritual counselor with a lot of experience in human and animal science, psychology and spirituality.

Subject matter for discussion and support could include:

  • Life's overwhelming ways
  • Illness, death and dying 
  • Mental illness at home and at work
  • Toxic people at home and at work
  • Drug addicts at home and at work
  • Balancing life with work
  • Spiritual counseling and support
  • Personal empowerment
  • Personal motivation and inspiration

My energetic, authentic and open-minded disposition coupled with your willingness to accept support will make a powerful combination.

Contact me by email to arrange a 30 minute chat anytime.


Jessica N. Humphreys, BSN, OM
Just Jessica