Life Coaching and Support

The Devil's Advocate (pre-wedding discussions)

I am the one that will point out to you all of the reasons why you are not ready to get married yet. If you are up for the reality of the challenge, give me a call.  It is too easy to get married and it is too easy to run away from the try in any relationship. Most all of us have serious ego, selfishness and immediate gratification issues. The real kicker is, we don't have to be married to fully give a person our unconditional love and our committment to try. We don't even have to like them all the time to do it!

Spiritual & Emotional Support

I am not a therapist. I am a life, death and spiritual support person. I have experience in dealing with and talking about the following:

  • Relationships
  • Illness, death and dying 
  • Mental illness
  • Critics
  • Toxic people
  • Drug addiction
  • Trauma
  • Seeing & breaking negative cycles
  • Learning to set boundaries
  • Decluttering, the mental and physical
  • Finding inspiration and motivation

Life Skills

There are many people out there lacking some basic life skills and I can help.

  • Grocery shopping, cooking and healthy meal planning
  • Basic automotive skills
  • Fiscal responsibility, credit scores and credit cards
  • Resume writing, job searching and interviewing
  • Productive networking
  • Creating an active, healthy social life
  • Sex, sexuality and STDs
  • Personal hygiene, appearance and image
  • Social skills, social etiquette and manners
  • Dialoging constructively with medical professionals
  • Grammar, writing and basic communication
  • Laundry, ironing, and basic sewing
  • Basic tool knowledge and use
  • Basic word processing, email and internet use
  • Planting and maintaining a garden
  • This list could be five pages so just call me!

Available for Podcast or Other Interviews

I can talk for hours about many topics. I am experienced in public and professional speaking. Call me if you are looking for content and easy interviews with a natural-born talker for your particular forum or channel.

Contact me by email to arrange a 30 minute chat anytime. Check me out also on YouTube.


Jessica N. Humphreys, BSN, OM
Just Jessica