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These are some pretty random questions I have answered on Quora, which is an interesting Q&A platform.  I have listed some of my more (suprisingly) popular responses first, starting at over 11.5k views and over 270 upvotes on the first one. 

Update: As of 3/15, I am up to over 29,000 views and 440 upvotes. Holy cow!
Update: As of 4/10, I am up to 46,000 views and 499 upvotes!  Good grief. How do I get all of these people to my YouTube Channel? I am working to figure that out I can tell you!

 Click each question to view my corresponding answer on Quora.​

Have you actually ever heard someone say 'Do you know who I am?' indignantly?

Do schizophrenic voices say good things?

Who was the most interesting person you've ever been seated next to on an airplane?

What happens to a covert narcissist when you give them so much attention, boost their ego and then cut them off suddenly with no chance of return?

At my school, a nice person sits alone at lunch. Should I sit with them?

What happens if an ingrown toenail goes untreated?

How can I eliminate someone from my life without hurting them?

Is it bad I masturbate 3-6 times a day every day?

What tips will you give to newly qualified nurses?

My girlfriend is very shy and she doesn't talk in a group and also she is very timid. What should I do to make her become an impressive personality?

Do you have a right to read your teen’s personal diary?

How do you set boundaries with a person who worries, criticizes, and constantly points out your imperfections to show love? This person picks at and tries to fix everything they see wrong in you. They always want you to be the better person.

My boyfriend has PTSD. How can I help him and what can I expect?

Why does my mother hate me, but love my brother?


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